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Are you in possession of a SCHEER panel saw with control computer that still runs on Windows 95/98 or MS-DOS?

Then it is advisable to consider an upgrade to a modern computer control system!


The old system, based on MS-DOS and Windows 98 systems, will be replaced by us with selected Ubuntu Linux devices.

In order to keep the usual control environment, we have developed a solution, which operates the machine software with Ubuntu Linux.


You have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a modern operating system:


  • Integration into your modern corporate network (Windows, Linux, MAC, Novell)
  • Optimise the cutting plans in the planning department and then send email via (wireless) LAN to the saw
  • Multitasking - saws, optimising, Internet and more simultaneous
  • Label printing via USB - interface, serial (COM) or parallel (LPT) also possible
  • Modern user interface but consistent control, no retraining needed
  • Remote maintenance via Internet / Remote Desktop and TeamViewer for immediate assistance, thus saving travel expenses
  • Software updates via Internet


  • no loss of cutting speed, as with other solutions (DOSBox, VMware)


We also update your software when setting up the new computer, including adjustments
(if possible free of charge).


You want to upgrade your machine?

No problem, contact us for a quote. Please provide us with the type of machine and number.

Our contact details can be found here.


New machine computer panel saw (DOS/Ubuntu)

New machine computer for all panel sizing units that are still running on Windows 95/98 - MSDOS. For further information, please click  here.